M A R T A . A N A T R A

Marta Anatra born in Sardinia in 1972. In 1992 leaves to Italy where holds a master's degree of Art from Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence in 1997.
In 1998 she have her first son. Come back to Sardinia in 1999 where started an independent research on landscape as ethnographic/aesthetic mean, with large paintings and installations. In 2003 she organizes an art residency project of research on the landscape of Sulcis, a depressed and polluted region of Sardinia. In the project are involved several artists from european outskirts (Ireland, Croatia, Ukraine). From 2004 to 2009 she's art teacher in the School of Art of Cagliari where organizes various workshops about video-art and film in collaboration with Videominuto Film Festival and Laba (Libera Accademia di Belle Arti) of Florence. In 2007 found with artists and critics of Cagliari, the Funivie Veloci project, to show contemporary art in unusual and private spaces. The project is still active. Still in 2007 she found with the video-artist and VJ Elisabetta Saiu (DK) the International Cultural Association TRW for production, distribution and education of Art. In 2008 born her second child (a girl finally) and she started a research on the urban landscape. In 2010 her research project "L'architetto verde" develops to audiovisual media, and been selected for the workshop on visual anthropology with Judith and David McDougall. In 2011 she started to create independents film documentaries. In 2011 she win a 3°prize for a short doc called "L'uomo d'argento" in a Sardinian competition called "Cinema racconta il lavoro", the film was selected in the International Film Festival of Nuoro, SIEFF. In 2014 she distribute her second short doc "L'Architetto Verde" , premiered at the NYCIFF New York City Independent Film Festival.


2014 "L'Architetto Verde" - documentary 16' - color/bw - TRW, Intrigo Internazionale srl
2014 "Big green” vidéo installation loop – color - music by Fabrizio Frisan
2013 "Radici aeree” historic experimental documentary 40' – color/bw
2011 "L'Uomo D'Argento" - documentario - 20' - Cineteca Sarda

Main exhibitions:

2013- Cagliari -"Big Green" .video installation. SIGNAL Festival

2013- Cagliari -"Radici Aeree" site specific video installation.

2012- Cagliari -"Big Green" .solo. MEME gallery

2012- Latina -"Infinitamente mutabile" .group. Laranarossa Gallery

2011- Cagliari - "the.green.architect". solo. MEME gallery

2010- Torino -"Paratissima".

2010- Cagliari -"About the city". group. Fondazione Bartoli-Felter.

2009- Cagliari -"Up to Ground". solo. In-visibile gallery

2009- Castiadas -"Aspetti che non ti aspetti".

2009- Cagliari -"Senza Sofisticazioni". duo. Via Napoli 74

2008- Cagliari -"Fango". group. In-visibile gallery

2008- Iglesias -"SantaBarbaraProject". MiniereMonteponi

2008- Sadali -"Giornata dell'Arte". (wall paint)

2007- Roma -"Solo ai gabbiani è dato sognare nelle discariche".trio. Galleria "B5"

2007- Cagliari -"Visioni".duo. Cittadella dei Musei

2007- Nuoro-"Olocausto-Olocausti".group. Museo-E.

2007- Milano -"Colori dell'Estasi".group. SuperstudioGroup

2006- Cagliari -"25 Aprile".group.Consiglio regionale

2003- Cagliari -" Periferie n.o Sulcis Iglesiente" .group. Ex-Lazzareto

2002- Cagliari -"VerdeFabbrica". trio. Cittadella dei Musei

2001- Split (HR) -"Adriatic Art Annale".. Diocletian Palace